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Keyhole garden terrace

Livraison sous 10 jours ouvrés chez vous : 9,95€

Raised bed garden : 115 X 60 X 48 cm

Composter : 25 X 25 X 48 cm


61.5 gallons

Poids 77 lbs
Référence MPP KGT115X61X48 D

The Keyhole Garden terrace is a concept that has been constructed using the permaculture “lasagna” technique and that houses a composter at the center, in which your bio-waste will become nutrients assuring your vegetables naturally extraordinary growth.

The frequency with which this garden planter uses less water, creates its own nutrient-rich soil and produces a lot more food than a standard garden. Easier to use and maintain, more accessible, natural and connected to the nourishing earth and living organisms, this raised bed garden fosters biodiversity with the creation of a real, natural ecosystem, allowing you to give back to the earth a big part of what it has provided!

For your “above-ground” project, the geotextile membrane included in your pack will let excess water through while retaining the organic matter, but if your terrace is made from wood, the permanent contact with the contents of the Keyhole Garden risks damaging it. In this case, it is best to position a resistant material beneath your Keyhole Garden that will protect the flooring, like our 14.5×14.5 slabs or otherwise tiles laid against each other.

Worms can be used to process the soil and compost, but in this case make sure your Keyhole Garden is protected from major temperature changes, as in a garden, the worms will naturally seek reference in the soil to protect themselves from the cold or sweltering heat.

This independent raised garden bed is MADE IN FRANCE and offers many advantages, especially the joy of (re)discovering the flavor, freshness and nutritional quality of healthy, “homegrown” produce and of sharing the values intrinsic to kitchen gardening and nutritional well-being.

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  • Fabriqué en Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
  • Bois PEFC
  • Garantie 3 ans

Caractéristiques techniques

  • WOOD: French Douglas Fir, naturally in Class 3, not chemically treated (free from boric acid, fungicide, ammonium, etc.)
  • CORNERS: 100% recyclable aluminum, corrosion- and spray-resistant.
  • COMPOSTER: Galvanized steel made in the Hauts-de-France region
  • CAPS: Recycled PVC made in Ain
  • CERTIFICATION: PEFC (from sustainably managed forests)
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: No tools, nails or screws needed!
  • THREE-YEAR WARRANTY: 0.8 inch thick with tongue and groove paneling
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